The Journey to Digitalization The story of Nursing and Midwifery Training Colleges in Ghana

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Frank Nukunu
Phyllis Odoi
Victoria Oppong-Boateng
William Donkor
Lydia Bennin
Alfred Addy


The study aimed to investigate how nursing and midwifery education, in Ghana has transitioned into the digital era looking at the background, motivations, procedures, participants and content involved. It utilized a historical analysis method by referencing implementation documents and other relevant literature. The results indicated that Ghana’s shift towards digitalization was motivated by the desire to improve standards meeting standard benchmarks and to tackle existing challenges with manual-based systems. The transformation process encompassed groundwork activities, regulatory adjustments and practical implementation with the involvement of stakeholders. Despite encountering obstacles along the way Ghana’s experience demonstrated integration of technologies and platforms offering valuable insights for other nations. Suggestions include monitoring, partnerships among stakeholders and investments in infrastructure. This study contributes to policy decision making in enhancing our understanding, in the realms of digital health and healthcare education.


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