Submission Requirements:

1. Papers should be original, unpublished work not under consideration elsewhere

2. Maximum 8,000 words excluding references, tables, and figures

3. Structured abstract of 250-300 words with objectives, methods, results/findings, conclusion, recommendations, and policy/scientific contribution.

4. APA style referencing.

5. Plagiarism should not exceed 10% excluding references

6. AI writing assistance should be disclosed and not exceed 20% of content

Submission Process

  1. Select the Appropriate Journal:

    • Ensure your article aligns with the scope and focus of the Ghana Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (GJNMID).
  2. Submit Your Manuscript:

    • Email your manuscript to or use the online submission system to upload your manuscript and associated documents.
  3. Include Required Documents:

    • Attach a cover letter, the manuscript file, and any necessary ethics and funding disclosures. Alternatively, fill out the online forms and attach the specified documents.
  4. Acknowledgment of Receipt:

    • You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from the editorial assistant within 2 business days.
  5. Initial Screening:

    • Editors will conduct an initial screening of your manuscript. If it meets the submission criteria, it will be assigned to peer reviewers.
  6. Review Process:

    • Reviewers will evaluate your manuscript and provide comments. The editorial decision, along with reviewer feedback, will be communicated to the corresponding author.
  7. Final Report and Editor’s Decision:

    • Accepted: Your manuscript has been accepted for publication without the need for further changes. Proceed to submit the publication agreement and any final materials required.
    • Revision Needed: Your manuscript requires revisions before it can be accepted. Reviewers' comments will be provided to guide your revisions. Resubmit your revised manuscript for further evaluation.
    • Rejected: Unfortunately, your manuscript does not meet the criteria for publication in GJNMID. Detailed feedback will be provided to help you understand the reasons for rejection.
  8. Revisions and Publication Agreement:

    • If your manuscript is accepted or revisions are needed, submit the revised manuscript along with the signed publication agreement. These can be submitted via the online forms, filled and initialed by the lead author.
  9. Copy Editing and Proofing:

    • The editorial office will coordinate copy editing, typesetting, and author proofing to prepare your manuscript for publication.
  10. Publication:

    • The final article will be published online and promoted through GJNMID channels and partner databases.