Our copyright and licensing policy ensures that authors retain significant rights to their work while allowing the journal to distribute and share published content effectively.

Copyright Policy

  1. Author Rights:

    • Authors retain the copyright of their work. By submitting a manuscript to GJNMID, authors agree to grant the journal a license to publish the work and identify itself as the original publisher.
    • Authors have the right to use, reproduce, and distribute their work in any medium or format, including posting the work on personal or institutional websites, repositories, or other platforms, with appropriate acknowledgment of its initial publication in GJNMID.
  2. License to Publish:

    • Upon acceptance of a manuscript, authors will be required to sign a "License to Publish" agreement, granting GJNMID the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the work in any format or medium.

Licensing Policy

  1. Open Access License:

    • All articles published in GJNMID are open access and freely available to the public. We use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, which allows others to share, copy, distribute, and transmit the work, as well as adapt it, provided that the original authors and source are properly cited.
  2. Attribution Requirements:

    • When using or distributing GJNMID content, users must provide appropriate credit to the authors, include a link to the official publication on the GJNMID website, and indicate if any changes were made.
  3. Non-Commercial Use:

    • The content published in GJNMID can be used for non-commercial purposes without seeking additional permission. For commercial use, explicit permission from the journal and the authors is required.

Author Responsibilities

  1. Originality and Permissions:

    • Authors must ensure that their work is original and has not been previously published elsewhere. If the manuscript includes material from other sources (e.g., figures, tables, text images, excerpts), authors must obtain the necessary permissions and provide appropriate acknowledgments.
  2. Conflict of Interest:

    • Authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that might influence the results or interpretation of their work.
  3. Funding Acknowledgment:

    • Authors must acknowledge all sources of financial support for the research and publication of their work.

Journal Responsibilities

  1. Publication Integrity:

    • GJNMID is committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics. We adhere to the guidelines and best practices outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
  2. Plagiarism Detection:

    • All submissions are subject to plagiarism detection checks to ensure the originality of the work. Manuscripts that fail to meet our originality standards will not be considered for publication.
  3. Long-term Preservation:

    • GJNMID ensures the long-term preservation of published content through partnerships with reputable digital archives and repositories.

We are dedicated to supporting our authors and readers by ensuring clarity and fairness in our copyright and licensing practices. Thank you for your cooperation and for choosing GJNMID as your publication platform.