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The Journal template can be downloaded here.

Each submission undergoes a thorough evaluation process to ensure alignment with the aims and scope of GJNMID.

Submission Assessment

  1. Editorial Evaluation:

    • All submissions are assessed by an editor to determine their suitability for publication in GJNMID. Manuscripts deemed compatible with our journal's objectives proceed to the peer review stage.
  2. Peer Review Process:

    • Submissions considered a good fit undergo peer review by experts in the field to assess their quality, significance, and originality.

Pre-Submission Responsibilities

  1. Permission for Publication:

    • Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any accompanying material, such as photos, documents, and datasets. All authors listed on the submission must consent to their inclusion.
  2. Ethical Considerations:

    • Ensure that research conducted meets ethical standards and is approved by the appropriate ethics committee in accordance with legal requirements.
  3. Quality Assurance:

    • Submissions failing to meet minimum quality standards may be desk rejected by the editor. Before submission, ensure that the study design and research argument are well-structured and articulated. A concise title and standalone abstract enhance the likelihood of acceptance.

Submission Preparation

Once you are confident that your submission meets our standards, please follow the checklist below to finalize your submission:

  • Confirm compliance with the GJNMID Author Guidelines.
  • Verify that the submission has not been previously published and is not under consideration elsewhere.
  • Check the accuracy and completeness of all references.
  • Ensure proper numbering and labeling of tables and figures.
  • Obtain necessary permissions for all supplementary material.

Submission Requirements:

1. Papers should be original, unpublished work not under consideration elsewhere

2. Maximum 8,000 words excluding references, tables, and figures

3. Structured abstract of 250-300 words with objectives, methods, results/findings, conclusion, recommendations, and policy/scientific contribution.

4. APA style referencing.

5. Plagiarism should not exceed 10% excluding references

6. AI writing assistance should be disclosed and not exceed 20% of content


  • Comprehensive manuscript(s) review report for author(s) at a fee of 50 USD.
  • Article Processing Charge/Publishing of article at  200 USD  upon acceptance.


  • Comprehensive manuscript(s) review report for author(s) at a fee of 50 USD .
  • Article Processing Charge/Publishing of article at 100 USD upon acceptance.

NOTE : 1 USD  is pegged at Ghc10 for Ghanaian authors.